Therapist Websites

In today's landscape, you need a website.

But not just any website. You need a website that's high-performing and suited for your brand and needs.

It's important to hire a designer who understands your industry and clients. I'm here to help!


What content should I have on my counseling website?

Your counseling website should include the following pieces of content:

  1. Homepage content.
  2. An about page/practitioner profile.
  3. Blog posts (3+).
  4. Service areas pages.
  5. Testimonials.

How much do therapist websites cost?

Our clients know how strongly we feel about suspiciously cheap websites. When it comes to therapists websites and marketing for therapists, we remind clients of the timeless adage: you get what you pay for.

Ask yourself: how is a company making money on a subscription site that costs $30/month? For some perspective, that’s about an hour of work for an associate in digital marketing, and far less than an hour of a developer’s time.

What should my therapist website design look like?

There’s no exactly right answer to this question, but there are a lot of wrong answers.

You don’t a psychotherapist website that looks like a template or is dated and dull. 

For a better idea, we recommend researching your competitors’ websites. Ask yourself:

  1. Doe this website look professional?
  2. Is it informative?
  3. Does it encourage users to contact the therapist?
  4. What audience does it attract?

Align the answers to those questions with your own preferences and goals.

The design should be modern. We don’t recommend anything exceedingly trendy, but some designs are off-putting because they are dated--even a few years can make a difference.

Will I be able to update my website?

You should. Nearly all websites use Content Management Systems, also known as a CMS. CMSs allow you to update and add to content in a user-friendly way.

Design changes are trickier. Trained professionals design and develop websites, so to avoid breaking things, we recommend maintaining a relationship with your website design agency in case something needs to be updated or fixed on your website.

What do I need for my therapy website?

A lot goes into a great website.

While an agency handles the majority of the work, you will still need to provide a few things:

  1. Professional photography.
  2. A list of your services.
  3. Information on your education, certifications, and work experiences.
  4. Logo files (if you have a logo).
  5. Your time to communicate and provide feedback.

What it's like to work with me

I’m an expert in content marketing and SEO. When you work with me, you can expect me to bring my years of agency experience to the table.

I’m motivated by you signing leads and crawling up the search engine results to page one.

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Heather Manning

Kristie was not only professional but also so much fun to work with! We instantly connected and felt like we were friends for years.

Adam Synder

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