February 12, 2021

Why You Should Invest in SEO in 2021

Why You Should Invest in SEO in 2021

Have you planned investments for your private practice in 2021?

If you're still allocating your marketing budget, I suggest putting some of it towards SEO this year.

Here are the top reasons that you should invest in SEO in 2021.

SEO is more affordable [in the long run]

Invest in SEO once, and you reap the rewards long after you've invested.

Unlike other marketing forms, which require time and/or money consistently, SEO eventually requires little effort.

For example, Instagram requires you to consistently put out new content and show up on stories every day. Paid advertising (like on Google or Facebook) requires a consistent (and often sizeable) marketing budget. With SEO, you invest in a strategy and do the work (I recommend for a year or so), and then you have to do less time-consuming upkeep.

If you're on page one, it's easier to stay there. Staying at the top of potential clients' Instagram feeds? Way tougher.

You avoid competition on Psychology Today

Everyone is on Psychology Today, but not everyone is on Google.

You avoid potentially thousands of other competitors on Psychology Today by simply investing in SEO.

You gain a potential client's trust because you're ranking on Google

Not everyone trusts ads! It's estimated that ads have a CTR (click-through rate, or the ratio of people who see an ad and click) of about 1% - 6%.

By ranking on Google, potential clients will tacitly (or consciously) trust your website more, and you'll notice higher CTRs.

We know what works

SEO strategies are evergreen! Although Google's algorithm changes, you're far less likely to get completely screwed over by other algorithms (like Instagram's).

Although it's important to monitor features that you can optimize for, SEO best practices have remained mostly consistent over the past decade.

SEO takes the guesswork out of marketing.

You're investing in an asset that you own

Although you're increasing brand awareness, when you invest in ads, that money is gone. With SEO, you invest in your website: an asset that you own.

You don't own your Instagram account. You don't own your Facebook page. Although ads and social media can be hugely beneficial, it's essential to prioritize your owned marketing assets by investing in your website, for example.

You meet potential clients where they are

When someone searches "anxiety therapist near me," we know exactly what they want: an anxiety therapist close to them. By ranking on Google for terms like these, we meet potential clients when they're ready to work with a therapist. Facebook and Instagram ads target people who are "interested" in therapy. They might not be ready to hire anyone for a while.

SEO can work in your budget

With SEO, there's no minimum ad spend. And if you're new to private practice, you likely don't have a huge marketing budget. That's why I offer clients several avenues of working with me, from online courses to individual consulting to me doing SEO for them.

Are you interested in investing in SEO this year? Schedule a free consultation to learn more about working with me.

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