February 12, 2021

Spam Fighting for Therapists

Spam Fighting for Therapists

It’s hard to believe that our peers use spammy tactics to rank higher on Google My Business, but it happens.

When other therapists (or their marketing agencies) spam, they can rank higher, causing your listing to slip down in the search results.

In this post, I go over:

  • What spam is on Google My Business
  • How to fight spam

And more.

Let’s get started.

What does spam look like on Google My Business?

On Google My Business, therapists spam by listing a fake business name that’s stuffed with keywords.

Here’s an example.

spam fighting for therapists

Instead of listing her real name, this therapist adds not one, but nearly three keywords and specialties (AND a location) in her business name.

After a quick Google search, I can confidently say that her official business name is just her name and degree--NOT her name + all those other keywords.

Here’s her listing on Psychology Today:

psych today listing

At this point, I know that she’s up to no good.

This is spam on Google My Business.

How to fight spam on Google My Business

Reporting spam is really easy.

  1. “Suggest an edit” on Google My Business (this should be right above photos)
  2. Select “change name or other details”
  3. Correct the name to the actual business name
  4. Hit “send”

And you’re done!

I recommend entering “therapist + [your location]” into Google every other week to check for spammy listings. You can also check on Bing.

Pro tip: set up a local listing on Bing. Local results on Bing are way less competitive.

I hope this helped!

Since Google My Business listings appear above the organic search results, you can rank higher on Google faster. If I had to pick, Google My Business might be, what I think, the most important marketing tool for your therapy practice.

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