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You're starting your own therapy practice. You want to work with your ideal clients, make the income that you deserve, and take back your schedule. You're making it happen :)

But with all that liberation comes a lot of responsibility. Now, you're responsible for things that you might not know too much about, like marketing.

As a student of the web myself, I know how to piece together an education with blog posts, podcasts, free online courses, etc... but when you're trying to get your private practice off the ground, you may not have the luxury of time to teach yourself how to do marketing.

A private practice consultant helps you relieve the unknown and expedite the success of your private practice.

If you want to gain marketing skills and have a marketing strategy in place for your private practice, you're in the right place.

Hi, I'm Kristie, a private practice consultant.

I help therapists like you eliminate marketing overwhelm, learn marketing skills, and form a marketing strategy going forward.

I have a background in Psychology and years of digital marketing experience.

Topics we cover during private practice consulting

A good marketing strategy should cover a variety of channels. During my consulting, we discuss the following topics.


I'm an SEO specialist, so is this is the core of our work together. Although I'm biased, SEO will be a huge part of your practice's success. If you're a service-based business, you need a solid presence on Google.

SEO encompasses a lot of different strategies, but we'll focus on getting awesome links and writing content that ranks.

Local SEO

Local SEO is like SEO, but instead of optimizing your website, we optimize your Google My Business listing. If you don't have one yet, make one right now. Seriously! It's free, and if you rank well, you are at the top of the search engine results page. It takes months to get to the top of the search engine results page, but if you do your local SEO right, you can get months ahead.

I teach you my exact strategy for getting more exposure on Google My Business, from what to post to what listings on websites like Yellow Pages you need. We'll even discuss ethical ways of getting reviews.

Local SEO is not talked about enough in the therapist marketing space, so it'll be your secret weapon!

Email marketing

Yay! You have successfully gotten someone to click on your website. But now what? Just because someone went to your website doesn't mean that they'll contact you.

It's estimated that for a user to buy a product or hire a business, a user sees that company's content five to six times. Five to six times!!

This is where email marketing comes in. When a user is on your website, you want to bring them into your ecosystem and introduce yourself. Through email marketing, you can provide tons of value, show potential clients what you do, and show them exactly who you are (because nobody has time for countless phone consultations only for none of them to result in clients).

With your psychologist marketing consultant (me!), we'll come up with a strategy for your email marketing and discuss best practices to turn those web visitors into leads.

Messaging and branding

You've probably heard this dozens of times before, but it's crucial to nail your niche.

By nailing your niche:

  1. You only work with the clients that you enjoy working with.
  2. You don't have to field endless leads (that time adds up!).
  3. You get exposure on podcasts and other blogs for your specialty (great for branding and SEO).

And more.

During our time together, we'll discuss your niche and how to attract your ideal clients through website copy and visual assets.


I'm assuming you're here because you know that therapist directories aren't enough to fill your practice. Even if they were, do you really want to leave your practice's wellbeing in the hands of an algorithm that no one understands?

We won't get too much into directories, but I can recommend my favorites and how to optimize them for conversions.

What you get

During our hour-long sessions, we'll discuss the topics I mentioned above and any other niche strategies.

After our sessions, I send detailed emails covering the topics that we discussed, your "homework" for the time before our next session, links to relevant articles and tutorials, and anything else that we discussed during our calls.

My clients love their list of homework. When they feel overwhelmed by their new practice, they appreciate being able to check off a list of marketing activities and know that they're doing the right things. I make sure that the work is manageable, too. I provide you with a list that will only take you a couple of hours to complete.

A quick word from one of my consulting clients...

Julie Goldberg, Drug & Alcohol Counselor, MA, LAC

"Kristie is amazing with SEO for therapists! There's no need to spend time explaining what's expected of therapists in the mental health world, she is already prepared and well informed of what's needed for marketing specifically for therapists. I'm lucky I found her and it's a pleasure working together!"


My private practice consulting sessions are $325 per session. I require two sessions per month for a minimum of three months.

I require a three-month commitment so you can get a lot of value. We won't be able to achieve much in one hour. Your success is my success, and I know that these things take time.

Rest assured that I take your investment very seriously. I know it's tough to invest when you're just starting out, but investing in marketing is crucial to growth. Relying on referrals is not a long-term strategy.

Or, learn SEO affordably in my group consulting program.

My group consulting program, Optimize Your Practice, might be perfect for you. Check it out!


Do you help with private practice formation?

I can help with aspects of your practice formation like branding, messaging, business name ideas, marketing your practice, etc. I cannot help with licensing, contracts, and issues related to your state's code of ethics.

How much does private practice consulting with you cost?

My sessions are $325 per session. I require two sessions per month for a minimum of three months. Why? I want to make sure that you get an immense out of value from our time together and see a real difference in your practice by the time that we're done.

Is there a time commitment for your private practice consulting?

Yes. I require two sessions per month for a minimum of three months. This amount of time is necessary for us to maximize the value of our sessions and make a difference in your practice.

How do I know if private practice consulting is right for me?

There are a few signs that private practice consulting is for you.

  1. You are trying to maintain a lean marketing budget. Hiring someone to do marketing for you can be expensive. With consulting, I tell you exactly what to do and how to do it. All you have to do is execute!
  2. You want to gain skills for the future. Therapists who choose consulting have a desire to learn skills and knowledge that help them carry out successful marketing strategies on their own.
  3. You need guidance. Maybe you want to do this stuff, but you just need to be told what to do. I can help!

How will I know if we have been successful?

At the bare minimum, you will learn a lot. Although many forms of marketing take a few months to take effect, we will also track your web traffic and rankings. My idea of success is a strong web presence on Google and regular client leads.

What it's like to work with me

I have a background in Psychology, and was thiiiis close to becoming a therapist when I realized that I had a deep need to write and create.

Instead, I got into digital marketing, and I have been doing just that for nearly six years.

Ever since becoming a private practice consultant, I couldn't be happier :) I understand the satisfaction that comes with working with your ideal clients, and I want to help you experience the same thing.

I would LOVE to chat sometime. Head on over to my contact page to set up a free consultation/meet-and-greet!

What my clients say

Kristie is a joy to collaborate with — her easygoing nature paired with a hard work ethic and direct communication style makes her a dream partner for any project.

Carlie Penning

Kristie was not only professional but also so much fun to work with! We instantly connected and felt like we were friends for years.

Adam Synder

Kristie is wonderful to work with. Her professionalism, knowledge of her product and humor create a wonderful and open environment.

Heather Manning

Let's do this!

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