May 10, 2021

SEO Myths That Therapists Believe

SEO Myths That Therapists Believe

I've noticed quite a bit of misinformation about SEO in the therapy world. 

That's why it's one of my goals to provide industry-standard, research-backed SEO tactics to therapists.

In this post, I'll explain a few common SEO myths that I notice therapists believing.

Let's dive in!

SEO is a one and done thing

Lots of therapists come to me asking me to "do their SEO."

Therapists often expect that a little bit of optimization during the web design process will secure page-one spots on Google.

I hate to break it to you—but SEO is an ongoing process of optimizing for the Google algorithm. It can be a low-maintenance marketing strategy, but it's not something you only do once.

SEO stops at keywords

This myth is along the same lines of "one-and-done."

Many therapists think that keywords are the be-all and end-all of SEO. Once again, I hate to break it to you, but keywords are only the foundation of SEO—a crucial foundation, but solely groundwork all the same.

I work with my clients on their keyword strategies for weeks, but it's more of a precursor than anything. Just because you have some keywords scattered across your website doesn't mean you'll rank for those keywords.

Writing for SEO is gross

Strategic insertion of keywords throughout your content is crucial.

However, many therapists feel a little icky when adding keywords to their content.

I get it—it can feel unnatural. But I promise, no one else feels that way but you. Potential clients will likely scan your content; people rarely deeply read online. 

Plus, few people understand SEO. If they notice keywords, they likely won't think anything of it.

Clients search the same way that you explain your services

Many times, clients don't use keywords that exactly match your services.

For example, people don't search for an "attachment therapist." Although that's what you offer, most people either use general keywords like "therapist near me" or search by service, like depression therapy.

SEO is expensive

SEO can be expensive! But in my experience, in the therapy world, SEO doesn't have to be a massive financial investment.

When I explain SEO, I often use the analogy of rolling a wagon down a hill. To get the wagon rolling, you have to push pretty hard (i.e., investing with your time and/or finances). But once the wagon gets rolling, it takes minimal effort to keep it rolling down the hill.

Long term, SEO saves you money and time. Plus, I've worked hard to be able to offer more affordable SEO consulting services. Interested? Learn more about my group SEO consulting program.

Blog a lot

That depends.

If you're throwing up a couple of hundred words of your thoughts a few times per week, that's hurting you more than helping you. Google considers content like that to be low-quality. The more content like that you add, the more it will actually harm your site.

I recommend posting one or two high-quality articles every month. Your articles don't even have to target keywords! Just make sure that they're 1,000 plus words, topical (i.e., about therapy), and helpful to your clients.

Therapists can invest in shortcuts

Sorry—there are no shortcuts to SEO.

I've noticed a few turnkey services like "pre-written homepage content" and services like Brighter Vision's Socal Genie. These services offer boilerplate content that won't pass Google's quality guidelines. The content is generic, and I suspect that the content is duplicated across different sites. Be careful—duplicate content is a big no-no in the SEO world.

Plus, this content won't speak to potential clients, so it likely will convert clients at a low rate.

Therapists can't do SEO

This couldn't be less true!

My consulting clients have found massive success implementing the strategies and techniques that I've taught them.

I don't recommend DIYing SEO in all industries, but you don't need a professional to carry it out in the therapy industry. Although some therapists prefer that someone else takes care of their SEO, this isn't necessary in my experience.

Are you ready for a consistent stream of client leads? Contact me today to learn more about my SEO services.

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