We help therapists and coaches fill their caseloads, programs, and courses with SEO and content marketing.

Attract dream clients with SEO for therapists, coaches, and content creators in the mental health and self improvement industries.

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Are you tired of the marketing hustle?

Are you sick of Instagram? Are you ready for sustainable and proven marketing strategies that don’t involve social media or hefty advertising budgets?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Hi, we’re TherapieSEO. We help therapists and coaches fill their caseloads, programs, and courses with SEO and content marketing.

So if you want to…

  • Stop worrying about where your next client is coming from
  • Reduce your marketing costs over time
  • Ditch exploitive agencies and mental health start ups
  • Raise your prices
  • And sell a scalable offer to increase your reach and income

… it’s time to invest with SEO specialists who get you and the intricacies of your industry.


What’s next for your business?

I want to...

SEO For Therapists

Sit back and watch your waitlist grow with  SEO for therapists. I'll handle everything from writing content to managing your Google My Business to grow your online presence. Invest once and reap the rewards for years to come.

SEO for Coaches

In 2019, the coaching industry was estimated to be worth $7.5 billion in the United States. If you're tired of relying on Instagram to grow your coaching practice, my SEO strategies specifically for coaches is perfect for you.

SEO for Content Creators

Do you dream about passive income? Harness the power of SEO on Google and Pinterest to bring in clients that are looking for courses and product from a mental health and wellness professional like you.


Consulting is perfect for DIY therapists who want to do marketing on their own but need guidance and tailored strategies. During my consulting sessions, I show you exactly what to do and offer hands-on support.


Affordably learn SEO from me with my online, video-based course. You'll gain access to lessons, tutorials, templates, and forum-based FAQs for answers to all your burning SEO questions.

On Demand Support

Need support on your own schedule? You can message directly with me for a low, flat monthly fee. I'll personally respond to your questions, and you'll benefit from other members' questions too.

Fill my caseload →

Fill my caseload ↓

SEO for Therapists

We'll implement an SEO strategy that's tailored to the therapy industry. Sit back and relax, and I'll take it from here!

Sales Pages

We’ll create a sales page that’s so irresistible that customers can’t help but press buy now.

Sell my offer →

Sell my offer ↓

Email Marketing

Leverage our proven email marketing funnels that boost intimacy and educate buyers.

SEO for Coaches

Bust out of the Instagram marketing mold and market your coaching business where other coaches aren't: Google.

Master marketing →

Master marketing ↓

Make my website →

Make my website↓

Content Creation

Content is the name of the game! We’ll create a customized SEO content strategy and the best mental health content on Google.

Learn SEO

Learn SEO from our founder and industry expert Kristie Plantinga in our signature program Optimize Your Practice.

Website Design

Stun potential clients with modern, high quality, and affordable website design (ask us about our “pay to own” plans!).

Sell an Offer

Side by side, we’ll teach you how to create and market a scalable offer in our program Monetize a Mental Health Blog.

Your Strategy

But what service is right for me?

Take the quiz below to find out which SEO strategy is right for your business at this time and to get more information about us and our services!

meet your SEO specialist

Hi, I'm Kristie—founder of TherapieSEO :)

I founded TherapieSEO to help you reach more clients on Google one search at a time. After working in the digital marketing industry, I became inspired to serve a population close to my heart: therapists. I have personally experienced the benefits of therapy and have a degree in psychology. I founded TherapieSEO to serve in the space where my passion and people’s needs meet: writing, designing, and marketing for therapists, so they can serve people looking for help.

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about therapieseo

Why TherapieSEO?

We believe that there are many different forms of therapy.

Some of us need ongoing, intensive support from a therapist, while others of us need help pursuing our dreams with a coach. Other times, all we need is a course, meditation, or book to illustrate the next steps in our wellness journeys.

That's why we're TherapieSEO (plural), not TherapySEO. We want to help all mental wellness professionals who ethically make a difference in the lives of their clients.

Kind words from clients

We are honored to have worked with many incredible therapists and coaches. You can hear more about their experiences with us below.

"Kristie has finally helped me understand what SEO actually is and is implementing a plan that is WORKING. There was a sizable uptick in quality referrals (one therapist in our practice booked 12 new clients in 2.5 weeks) just a few weeks after beginning our work together. She's responsive, easy to work with and does a wonderful job!"
Jenny Walters
Founder, Highland Park Holistic Psychotherapy
"Kristie has been so amazing to work with. She has taken over a side of my business that I had no knowledge about and I feel so comfortable trusting her with her process. She has improved my overall SEO and created a new website for me that is so much more reflective of my practice and my work. I obtain consistent calls and emails with inquiries for my support because people can actually find my website in searches now!"
Justine Carino
Founder, Carino Counseling
"Working with Kristie was a dream! She is an SEO expert, and she translated her knowledge into easy to understand and execute action items. I have increased my call rate by 50% per month as a result of working with her!"
Samantha Osborne
Founder, Samantha Osborne Therapy
"Working with Kristie has been such an easy process.  She's always willing to answer my questions, walk me through things, and make the process as easy as possible.  This lets me focus more on my clinical work, and takes off any pressure that comes with SEO."
Danielle Wayne
Founder, Online Therapy for Anxious Millennials
"Kristie is amazing with SEO for therapists! There's no need to spend time explaining what's expected of therapists in the mental health world, she is already prepared and well informed of what's needed for marketing specifically for therapists. I'm lucky I found her and it's a pleasure working together!"
Julie Goldberg
Founder, Third Nature Therapy
"Kristie has helped me so much in understanding SEO. As a therapist this is far removed from my knowledge and she delivers it in a kind, easy to digest way. Would recommend her services to anyone needing SEO help."
Justin Martin
Founder, Parts of Me Therapy
"As a therapist, SEO is something I knew very little about until I found Kristie. Kristie has made the ins and outs of SEO so much more accessible, easy to understand, and approachable. And to top it all off she's super warm, kind, and genuine. I would definitely recommend her!"
Emily Pellegrino
Founder, Emily Pellegrino Therapy
"Kristie designed my website and guided me through all things SEO! She was easy to work with, laid back, and very knowledgeable. Without her services I would still be caught in the endless cycle of trial and error, wasting money, and stressing myself out! She is definitely worth the investment!"
Emily Wanstrath
Founder, Wanstrath Therapy

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